Colby Melvin Merman Meme Takes Hold

colby merman feat

It all started with a staff writer at The Underwear Expert daydreaming in Photoshop: wouldn’t underwear models make great mermen? It seems Colby Melvin fans were hooked by our merman idea, as we see from these amazing fan photos submitted to the underwear model extraordinaire through social media.

To be clear, we think Colby could pull off whatever supernatural creature he happened to morph into, but the mermaid get-up really does suit him perfectly. Though it’s a good thing it’s only fantasy, how else would Colby fit his tail into a pair of undies?  We can only imagine.

Check out these fan photos of Colby Melvin the Merman and let us know if you prefer Colby on land or sea!

Photo Credit: Facebook


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