Cocksox CX02 Gold Brief Is Underwear Bling At It’s Finest

Cocksox CX02 Gold Brief

Out of the seven deadly sins, greed may be one of the most relevant to our current culture. Cocksox Creative Director Nadiah points out that “you can’t show greed without gold,” which is why the brand custom made a gold brief, as seen on model Rogan, for the Cocksox Seven Deadly Sins campaign. And once the brand saw just how sexy Rogan looked in the brief, they knew they had to bring the sinfully shiny product to the public.

The CX02 Gold brief features an original enhancing pouch with a super high cut on both sides of the thigh. The brief is made from a fabric blend of 82% polyamide nylon and 18% elastane and is imported from Italy. The gold color choice is also aptly named ‘Bling.’

Based on the much-loved CX02 swim brief, the Cocksox CX02 Gold brief will leave you feeling like you were dipped in pure gold as the brief contours to your body perfectly, while also remaining incredibly soft on the inside. “A few guys have asked ‘are these underwear, swimwear or what?’ but really you’d have to call them party-wear,” laughs Nadiah, “whenever you wear them, it’s definitely a party.”

The Cocksox CX02 gold brief is available for a limited time only, so get to the Cocksox site quick before you’re out of time!

For more information on the brand: Cocksox

Cocksox CX02 Gold Brief 2

Photo Credit: Cocksox

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