Madonna Men: Top 5 Underwear Moments

Are you on a Madonna sensory overload? She’s been everywhere these past few months, from causing a stir with Russian officials to her MDNA special on Epix. Everyone is up in arms about what her Secret Project is all about. A few weeks ago, Madonna celebrated the 30th anniversary of her debut album, Madonna. Last Friday, she turned 55 and celebrated this weekend by donning an eye patch, mixing it up with a bit of Marie Antoinette accenting. Curious.

She’s always had a way of making statements visually and has never left our radar. These past few decades, she’s graced us with her music and, unfortunately, her acting (we’ll give you Evita but stop defending Swept Away).

She’s also graced us with some great moments in underwear. We know what you are thinking…cone bra. But, we were thinking more along the lines of what she has contributed visually to the world of men’s underwear. Get ready for a little bit more Madge by checking out a list of five moments, some NSFW, in men’s underwear from the Queen of Pop.

Human Nature

She wasn’t sorry in this video that pushed the limits of self expression. The theme here, as in many of her videos, is leather.

Vogue – VMA’s 1990

For this performance, she had the fellas dressed in underwear from the olden days. It was very Marie Antoinette, and people still cite this as one of her best performances.

Girl Gone Wild

A prize jewel of her recent MDNA period, Girl Gone Wild almost played as an ode to Like A Prayer. The video featured Madonna with men strutting in nothing but heels and tights.

Justify My Love

A video that was banned when it was first released, Justify My Love was Madonna’s first foray into the world of S&M and leatherwear, a place that she will continue to revisit in her videos.


Continuing in the trend, this is the third video on our list to flirt with leather and fetish wear. Also, many other pieces are featured as small snippets in the background.

We’re sure there are plenty more where that came from. Comment below or tweet us @underwearexpert with your favorites.

Video Credit: Vimeo/Youtube


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