The Bangers and Mash Trifecta Collection Arrives

Bangers and Mash Trifecta

Once again, Bangers and Mash hits the comfort mark on the head. Known as Canada’s premier luxury underwear brand, the Bangers and Mash Trifecta collection ($32) loosely resembles the bottoms of superhero costumes; and if you’re a crime fighter, we know you want the most comfortable outfit constructed for when you’re chasing down your enemies.

The Trifecta collection has four designs in a boxer brief cut. All four pairs feature a double front liner and a performance inset for optimum crime fighting potential. The first pair is something we could totally imagine in the movie Kick Ass for its bright eggplant, magenta and hunter green color palette. The boxer brief is made from cotton and spandex. The second look is crafted in a marine, merlot and chocolate colors and is made out of a rayon bamboo, spandex and cotton fabric for the superhero who has to use stealth to get rid of rift raft. The third option is all made from the same rayon fabric as the second pair and it features darker colors like black, indigo and chocolate for those who use the cover of night to fight crime. The last look is something that Spidey would totally wear underneath his uniform for its red piping, against a mocha, black and purple color scheme. This item is made from a cotton, spandex and rayon blend.

So don your favorite look and let your inner superhero take over, just note we are not responsible for any damage you may cause, but we’ll take full credit for fighting crime in the utmost of comfort. Tell us which superhero look you went for and which power you wish you had by commenting below.

Bangers and Mash Trifecta collection is available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on the brand: Bangers and Mash

Photo Credit: Bangers and Mash.


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