[VIDEOS] In New Teamm8 Underwear Ads, Levi Gets Back to Nature



When Australian-based teamm8 teams up with Aussie photographer James Demitri, magic happens. How can we forget Jesse, decked out in only a teamm8 white classic brief, rolling around in a barn full of hay? In two new photo shoots highlighting the teamm8 super low brief , James continues to explore masculine sensuality, sexuality, primal instinct, and confidence. As an added bonus, he brings barely legal, Sydney native Levi along for the ride.

In Find Yourself, James takes us back to the country in a classic tale about a boy and his horse. Wearing blue and gunmetal colors from the teamm8 super low brief collection, Levi contemplates breaking free from the constrictions of farm life. You can tell he wants to roam free like his trusted steed. Levi remains introspective and contemplative as the footage cuts between color and old western sepia. We also are witness to some small glimpses of Levi sans underwear. Though Levi gets cheeky for James’ lens, the element of nudity connects well with Levi’s longing to connect with nature.

The natural longing to be one with nature is heightened in the second video, Instinct. The video, as the title suggests, shows Levi fighting and accepting his primal, sexual nature, all while writhing around on a bear rug in the desert. James stylizes the video in such a way that you feel a sense of urgency and chaos. Time is displayed as an ever present stress and the image becomes disjointed at times. With the added emotion exuded by the choppy soundtrack, you feel as though Levi, wearing the black teamm8 super low brief collection, is tripping out. 

The teamm8 super low brief is available in XS-XL and can be purchased as an individual brief ($23), in a pack of three ($49), or in a pack of four ($63).

For more information about this brand: teamm8

Photo/Video Credit: James Demitri


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