Underwear Athlete of the Week: Jeremy Manning

This week’s Underwear Athlete of the Week is Jeremy Manning. Jeremy is one inspirational guy, and putting that on top of being an underwear model makes for one kick-ass photo shoot.

Founder of Manning Up, LLC, Jeremy uses his own life and story to help others recover from addiction and facilitate various positive life changes. Jeremy wasn’t always the ripped, tatted model everyone’s ogling over. Jeremy Manning turned his life around after a four-year meth addiction by focusing on fitness. Through studying martial arts, Jeremy gained wisdom, self-discipline and a set of six pack abs… Pretty good change if you ask us!

Jeremy now works as a writer, radio show host, fitness trainer, and even an underwear model in this photo shoot by Justin Monroe. Jeremy wears some Geovanny underwear and proceeds to play with his sword for the camera… We’re talking real swords here, people. This guy is pretty much a ninja warrior.

Seen any cool, famous, or inspirational athletes like Jeremy running around in their underwear? Send in your favorite pics to The Underwear Expert, and we might just feature them as our Underwear Athlete of the Week!

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Photo Credit: Justin Monroe


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