The DaDa Shorty Is Plain And Simple

Dada Shorty

Dada Shorty

Item Reviewed: DaDa Shorty (Trunk)

About the Product: The DaDa Shorty is brought to you from United Kingdom brand DaDa. The brand strives to infuse artistic/creative elements in everything it does. The name is loosely derived from the no strings attached art movement, “dadaism.” Strictly focused on their underwear, Dada has designed three distinct looks for everyman in its first collection: trunk, shorty, and retro. Don’t let the names throw you off. The trunk fits like a boxer brief with its longer leg; the shorty depicts more of a trunk, and the retro is a vintage cut on the standard boxer. The Dada Shorty is made up of a bamboo/cotton mix and comes in eight color combinations.

What We Like: The DaDa Shorty is your standard trunk with an interestingly stitched frontal pouch. The pouch doesn’t offer any enhancing magic, but that was okay with us. The bamboo fabric felt really comfortable. The DaDa Shorty didn’t feel too tight or loose. The fit was just right. The horizontal lines provide shape for the posterior but doesn’t insanely enhance it.

What We Didn’t Like: For a product loosely based on the movement that brought us urinal art, it was pretty bland visually. The grey’s and pinks were pretty washed out upon opening. It loses points for not being a memorable trunk.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: We’d recommend to anyone looking to add a trunk to their collection. The DaDa Shorty was made for that person that doesn’t  like to be loud with his or her underwear.

When We’d Wear Them: Rainy day inside, to bed, art show

Describe These Underwear in Three Words: Plain, Lounge-y, Comfy



Style: Boxer Brief
Pouch: Double seam, flat
Rise: Mid-Rise
Coverage: Full
Fit: Fit to Size
Waistband: Average
Fabric: Bamboo/Cotton Blend
Retail: $28.00
Collection Colors: Black/Black, Grey/White/Pink, Black/Cyan, Red/White/Black, Red/White/Red, Polka/Cyan, Black/Red, Grey/White/Black
Collection Tops: N/A
Collection Bottoms: Boxer Brief, Trunk
Collection Sizes: S-XL
Made In: UK

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Photo credit: DaDa


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