#Studs: Andrew Christian Vine Roundup [VIDEOS]

andrew christian vine top

We always knew running an underwear company must be mostly (if not all) fun and games, and our Andrew Christian Vine roundup really drove the point home. From partying with models poolside or in the club, to partying with models right out in the middle of the street—Andrew’s life really does look like one big…well, party.

But seriously, sometimes running Andrew Christian looks like really hard work—shooting models in the studio, making sure to show off the brand’s signature pouch enhancement just so. Or twerking on a yacht business trip off the shores of Hong Kong. Talk about behind the scenes.

Check out our Andrew Christian Vine video roundup, and prepare to seethe with envy!

Let’s start with some of that hard work, like adult star Dean Monroe pumping up for his shoot—photo shoot, that is.

Andrew Christian model Colin packs more than talent on set.

We’ve always wondered how these boys prepare for a bout of modeling, and now we know. Just as we suspected, it involves twerking.

Let’s watch that push-up routine again, because it’s Jon Varak this time.

Of course the Andrew Christian factory floor is just as we’ve always imagined: magical.

What starts out with pride flags in a bucket ends up with boys in the pool. Obviously.

We just learned 17 new dance moves.

From now on, there’s only one proper way to pump gas.

…and twerking now only seems right while riding on a yacht. With champagne.

After the party, there’s the after party with Rhea Litre and Cory Lee. Who else?

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