STRAIGHT GUYD: Summer Underwear Tips

When it comes to staying cool in the summer, most straight men are clueless about the role their underwear can play in keeping them comfortable. If you tell a straight guy he should switch from pants to shorts to stay cool in the summer, you’ll probably get a, “yeah, and?” Ask him if he’s ever considered switching from cotton boxers to something more suited for keeping his boys cool and dry, and you’ll likely get a look of bewilderment.

That’s because straight men, even the ones who are conscious and maybe even picky when it comes to their underwear, don’t typically think about their underwear as anything but a burdensome necessity. They address their underwear needs with a “one size fits all” approach—and that’s where sweaty, uncomfortable, sagging, moist straight man packages are born, friends.

Listen up gentlemen, when it comes to getting yourself into underwear that is going to keep you cool and dry all summer long you have plenty of options. All you have to do is follow these few sweat-saving tips and you’ll have it made until fall decides to show up.

Don’t wait any longer! Get to shopping for your new summer underwear now, we’ve got three months more of this crazy heat.

About the Straight Guyd: My name is Brandon and I am a 28 year old straight guy living in the Midwest and working in politics. Having spent years wearing ill-fitting bargain brand boxer shorts, I got into underwear after trying out a pair of trunks recently. I immediately started experimenting with different brands and styles that both functioned well and looked good on my 6’4,” 225 lb. frame. As The Underwear Expert’s new “resident straight guy,” I look forward to opening the eyes of straight guys everywhere who don’t yet know what they’re missing out on. Underwear can, and should, be a pleasure to wear and buy, not by any means a burden. 
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  1. johny says:

    im a straiht guy and all i wear is mens thongs, even a thong bathing suit sometimes, mostly high cut speedo suits. i used to wear shorts but the weigh a ton when wet, even sweaty. the thong takes care of that by wicking away moisture.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi , friends !
    Good topic. Well I found this brand for underwear – Tiara Galiano. How do you think about him?

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