Soy Underwear Might Just Be Spanish For Sexy

Soy Underwear

Soy Underwear

Soy orgulloso. Soy fuerte. Soy masculino. Yo soy simplemente yo. Did you get that? Well, if you haven’t turned on your Google translate yet, here’s the gist of what we just wrote: I am prideful. I am strong. I am masculine. Simply, I am myself. In Spanish, the word “soy” comes from the verb “ser” which means “to be.” Soy is used to define the root of who you are. You are not simply feeling masculine. YOU ARE MASCULINE.

So, what’s the point? How does a simple lesson in the Spanish language translate to your underwear? Well, the answer is quite obvious to Spanish brand Soy Underwear, a brand whose name is derived from the phrase. In their new spring/summer 2013 collection, Soy Underwear continues to push you to be who you are by expressing yourself in your most intimate of fashion choices, your underwear.

The collection explores many of the trends we have seen this summer from prints to solid colors to accented, contrasting piping and waistbands to looks inspired by Spanish soccer teams. The collection is made up of briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs. A blend of cotton (95%) and elastane (6%) ensures that the underwear will keep you cool during those sultry, summer nights. The only other aspect that seems to connect the collection together is an 1 1/2 inch waistband featuring the Soy logo that sits directly on top of the waist.

Check out the gallery below to see more from Soy Underwear:

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