Parker Hurley Reveals Dark Side In Paint Photos

Parker Hurley

You know how the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” In a new, yet to be named editorial, LA-based photographer Gabriel Gastelum brings together two things he knows well: paint and underwear models. Though a full editorial is yet to be released, Gastelum took to Tumblr to leak some photos of a shirtless Parker Hurley dripping in paint.

Roughly a year ago, Gastelum brought together models, Colby Melvin and Cory Frederick, together  for a splatter paint shoot, exclusive to The Underwear Expert. In the shoot, Colby and Cory, wearing white Andrew Christian jocks, were asked to go back to their kindergarten days and have a messy, fun time splattering paint on each other. Gastelum originally got the idea from an engagement shoot he did. “The couple had such a great time, I figured it would be cool to see where models take it half naked,” Gastelum told The Underwear Expert back in October 2012.

Apparently, he had so much fun that he had to bring back the paints in his most recent shoot. In his latest foray into the paint medium, Gastelum invited Parker over to play. Parker and Gastelum worked together before in a Saturday morning cartoon/superhero inspired shoot back in February (revisit Parker in his The Flash undies here). “The last shoot I had with Parker was really lighthearted and fun,” Gastelum posted on his Tumblr. “So, this one went in the complete opposite direction.”

In the photos, Parker is covered in black, red, and brown. The color palate is a departure from the neon green, pink, and shiny metallic silver used in the Colby and Cory shoot. The dark tone of the photographs is intensified by Parker’s contemplative and enraged expression. The photos seem less like two kids painting in kindergarten and more like a mad Jackson Pollack unable to grasp inspiration.

For Gastelum, there may be a method to the madness. On Tumblr, Gastelum hints at possibly naming the editorial “Kitsune-Tsuki.” The name comes from Japenese folklore. Kitsunetsuki refers to the possession of a human by the spirit of a fox. In describing kitsunetsuki in his book Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan, folklorist Lafcadio Hearn said, “Strange is the madness of those  into whom demon foxes enter. Sometimes they run naked shouting through the streets.” A possessed underwear model running in the streets naked? Can’t see anything wrong with that.

Parker Hurley

Parker Hurley

Photo Credit: Gabriel Gastelum


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