Overload: 12 Alex Pettyfer Shirtless Underwear Pics

Off all the stripper happy stars of Magic Mike, we have to say Alex Pettyfer is by far our favorite (sorry Channing). With word circulating of a possible Magic Mike sequel, we’re already beside ourselves with anticipation for more Alex Pettyfer shirtless underwear sightings.

Much like Mr. Tatum, the young British actor began his career in modeling before landing several plum roles in high profile features. You can take the man out of his underwear ads (and his underwear for that matter), but you can’t take the underwear model out of the man. We have a feeling Alex will never stop looking like a professional underwear model, which should serve him well as his career continues to take off. Already on his way to becoming the next Mark Wahlberg, Alex didn’t even have to make a pitstop as a pants dropping hip hop artist on his way to the A-list.

Check out a dozen of our favorite Alex Pettyfer shirtless underwear photos and let us know what you think Magic Mike 2 might have in store for the strapping young Brit!

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Photo Credits: MyNewPlaidPants, Fleshbot, JustJared, CelebArchive, MaleCelebNews.


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