#OMG: Backstreet Boys Underwear Sightings + New Video

The Backstreet Boys are back on the boy band scene—or should we say ‘man band?’—with a video for their new single “In a World Like This.” The single was released in advance of their album of the same name dropping at the end of this month. The band’s eighth studio album comes out just in time to commemorate their twentieth anniversary (clearly ushering them into ‘man band’ status).

Though the new vid has far too few underwear sightings for our taste (none, in fact), with all five members back together singing their tender hearts out on a picturesque hilltop, “In a World Like This” is sure to please the band’s die hard fans.

We’ve seen the boys of BSB grow into men before our eyes, and fortunately sometimes they did so in their underwear. The 90s marked the hey day of trou-dropping pop stars, with Marky Mark paving the path for the many underwear happy teen dreams that followed. Even Bieber’s low-riding and One Direction’s undies obsession can be traced back to 90s pants dropping. True story.

Check out the video above and some of our favorite Backstreet Boys underwear sightings through the years. We guarantee you’ll feel 17 again!

Photo Credits: Listal, Lastfm, the Celeb Archive, Fanpop.


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