N2N Delivers Sexy Gym Boy Collection

N2N Gym Boy Shorts Blue

Inspired by traditional high school gym attire, N2N introduces its new Gym Boy collection to the brand’s active wear line. Now available, the N2N Gym Boy range consists of a short ($35), t-shirt ($34) and tank top ($32) that recreates a vintage look while offering a soft feel.

“This is a fun collection that I hold near and dear to my heart,” said Andrew Makay, creative designer and owner of N2N. “It is reminiscent of my high school years. I wanted to create a collection of t-shirts and shorts that look somewhat worn out like the colors have been washed out after repeated cycles in the washer machine.”

The fabric blend and treatment of the N2N Gym Boy collection recreates a unique, worn-out look. It is made from a lightweight mix of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which prevents shrinking, according to Makay. The fabric underwent a special mineral wash treatment to give these garments a weathered look and soft feel.

In addition to its vintage style, the Gym Boy collection offers sexy cuts that show off your torso. The t-shirt has a shorter length than the standard t-shirt. “When you reach your arms up, you’ll see some skin near your waistline, and I think that’s so sexy,” said Makay. “The low cut of the tank top is my alternative for men who cut the sides of their t-shirts.”

The range offers a few sporty design features inspired by old-school high school athletic wear. It is available in three washed out colors that include stonewash blue, sand and shadow black. What’s more, the collection features a vintage style N2N logo reminiscent of a high school insignia.

The N2N Gym Boy collection is available in S-XL.

SHOP the N2N Gym Boy collection, $32.00-$35.00, available at N2Nbodywear.com

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N2N Gym Boy Tank Top Grey

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