Lody Summer Collection Turns Up The Heat

Lody Summer Collection

Lody Summer Collection

If there is one lesson we have learned this summer about Latin underwear brands, it’s that they sure know how to bring the heat. The Lody Summer collection is no exception. The Argentinian-based brand is only ten years old but has made a name for itself in the South American underwear market. Past campaigns have featured soccer/football players Fabian Cubero and Lionel Messi. For the past two years, Argentinian heartthrob Cristian Sancho has been the face for the brand.

The Lody Summer 2013 collection features many different cuts, colors, prints, and fabrics. Lody is fairly consistent with its fabrics, relying on cotton blends, lycra, and microfiber. The choice in fabrics illustrates the brand’s goal to make comfortable, light, and flattering underwear. From briefs to trunks, Lody covers a lot of territory.  Some highlights of the Lody Summer collection include it’s colorful striped underwear, contrasting briefs, and tropical prints.

Check out Cristian as he lounges around in the Lody Summer collection in the gallery below and let us know which pair is your favorite.

Photo Credit: Lody Underwear

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