The Canyons’ Just Released Trailer Features Nolan Gerard Funk In Sexy Silver Brief

In the newly released trailer for The Canyons we got a Nolan Gerard Funk silver brief sighting that made the 75 second clip much less painful to watch. It’s hard to say what this film is about, is Funk making porn behind Lindsay Lohan’s back? What’s with all the dubstep? While it remains unclear what’s going on in the film from the trailer it’s safe to say that if this film ever gets a wide release it might be worth seeing, if only for the chance to see this guy in all his sexy glory on the big screen.

So, what do you guys think? Is Funk worthy of leading man status? Does anyone really believe Lindsay Lohan wants any part of her life to be private? Will you head out to the theater to watch this flick? Tell us on twitter!

Photo credit: The Canyons

Please Note: In a previous version of the article, we identified Nolan Gerard Funk as James Deen.


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