Jake T Austin Shirtless and More TV Star Underwear Sightings

This week in TV Star Underwear Sightings, we saw Jake T Austin shirtless in his boxer shorts on ABC Family’s The Fosters, while the mystery continues of whether any man on HBO’s True Blood wears any type of underwear at all.

Jake T Austin has come a long way from his Disney Channel roots, or at least slid over to somewhat more mature sister network ABC Family. 18-year-old Austin was spotted shirtless and shimmying down to his boxers on top of his female co-star on his new series, proving that he is indeed all grown up.

In yet another underwear sighting related to recent rumors of a forthcoming Magic Mike 2, Zach Braff tweeted a revealing picture of his stripper-ready bod to Channing Tatum, showcasing the waistband of his white undies. In a straightforward tweet, the star asked:

“Dear @channingtatum when are auditions for Magic Mike 2?” From the looks of him, Zach is a shoo-in.

Meanwhile over in Bon Temps, the men of True Blood continued to prove our theory that supernatural creatures of all sorts share one thing in common—their lack of need for underwear. In the case of Sam Trammell’s shape shifting, and Ryan Kwanten’s womanizing, clearly undies would only get in the way.

Check out this week in TV Star Underwear Sightings, and let us know if you’re tuning in!

Photo Credits: SquareHippies, JustJared.


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