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Jack Adams USA feature

Jack Adams USA

Underwear brand and jockstrap aficionado Jack Adams creates products for the sophisticated yet rugged man. The brand’s well-designed underwear and jockstraps exude the masculine air of a man with polished style. With the launch of the all new Jack Adams USA website, the brand’s site more accurately reflects the true essence of Jack Adams.

Along with their commitment to quality products, one of Jack Adams’ top priorities is building solid relationships with their loyal customers. Whether it’s catering to their fan base with constant new releases or the brand’s massive presence on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, Jack Adams cares about you. “Direct contact to the consumer is extremely important to its product designers, as the feedback will continue to help the brand evolve new designs, improve and grow its relationship in the marketplace with the actual consumer,” which is noted by the brand as a major focus.

In addition to a new display, the Jack Adams USA site offers exciting new features like the ‘Where To Buy’ section, which gives the consumer various locations that Jack Adams products can be purchased. The individual can then view the products in person, giving them the option to test each item before purchase.

The brand also plans on launching a Brand Ambassador program in the near future. Jack Adams is currently looking for yoga instructors, fitness trainers, public figures and athletes who embody the brand’s lifestyle to be the new face for Jack Adams. Don’t forget to check out the new Jack Adams site and let us know what you think!

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SHOP Jack Adams collections, available at: jackadamsUSA.com

For more information about this brand: Jack Adams


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