Get Printed With A New Sly Boxer Brief

Sly Boxer Brief

Sly Collective Boxer Brief

Back in June, we addressed the evolving trend of prints that seems to be a staple this season in fashion. In an exclusive photo shoot for The Underwear Expert, photographer Aydin Arjomand shot the ever sexy model Nikola B. in some of our favorite print underwear (relive the printed hotness here). One of the undies shot was a pair of Sly Collective’s boxer briefs that featured a graffiti-like fabric. The brand is well known for their elaborate print designs.

The man behind Sly Collective, Dan Murray, told The Underwear Expert back in January of last year, about his creative inspiration. “It comes back to a lifestyle that is unique to Australia’s East Coast. It’s sun and surf, but also urban and charged,” said Murray. “It’s a very unique environment and we draw inspirations from the experiences this brings.”

Five new Sly boxer brief prints have been added to the brand’s growing list of printed undies: Real Steel ($22), Rising Dead ($22), Lumberjack ($22), Silver Octopus ($25), and Girlage ($25). Each pair of underwear is constructed similarly, as they are made from a fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, with bands to prevent riding. The Sly boxer brief also has a built-in pocket that’s roomy, but otherwise goes unnoticed.

What differentiates each look is the multitude of prints. The Real Steel boxer brief resembles a steel tread, while the Lumberjack looks like a red and black flannel that the Brawny man would wear. The Rising Dead boxer brief is “Monet-like” in the sense that from afar, it looks like a simple black boxer brief, but when you look closely, you will see that skulls make up the entire print. The Silver Octopus underwear features a stylized and almost tattoo-like octopus cascading down the left leg of the boxer brief, while the Girlage print features several photographs of girls who just wanting to have a little fun! Each print, no matter however different, carries that signature Sly urban appeal.

The Sly boxer brief is available in S-XL.

For more information on this brand: Sly


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