Feel Luxuriously Lavish In Malebasics EroticWear Collection

Malebasics EroticWear Feature

Malebasics EroticWear

From high-fashion models like Erika Linder and Andrej Pejic to rock ‘n’ roll legends like Marc Bolan and David Bowie, androgyny has become fairly synonymous with all things cool. With this in mind, society is slowly moving away from a world defined solely by masculine and feminine attributes. Take for instance, the pink trend currently highlighting men’s fashion this season, which is just another step closer to completely shattering the gender norms we’ve grown to know (and hate). Underwear brand Malebasics has the next step in the battle towards androgyny covered with the EroticWear collection.

The all new Malebasics EroticWear collection offers a sexy, masculine take on feminine apparel. The range consists of six styles including a thong, boy short, bikini, cheeky trunk, hip hugger, and singlet. The collection is partially inspired by the Renaissance, an era when men would openly seek velvet, lace, silk and embroidered fabrics, which is considered to be flamboyant and feminine by current standards.

The Malebasics EroticWear collection is made from multiple fabrics/fabric blends including lace, mesh, microfiber and tulle. The underwear combines these sensual fabrics and a more feminine cut, while keeping the male body in mind to create a perfect fit and accentuating everything a man has to offer. Color choices for the range include black, white, nude, red, hot pink, turquoise, orange, green and yellow, giving the lingerie customer a true rainbow of selections. The Malebasics EroticWear collection is modern and luxurious, perfect for the adventurous, self-assured man, looking for a sexy change in his underwear.

The Malebasics EroticWear collection is offered in S-XL

SHOP Malebasics EroticWear collection, $19.50-$49.50, available at Malebasics.com

For more information about the brand: Malebasics

Photo Credit: Shawa Pablo-Chester for Malebasics

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