Equipo and Kohl’s: Quality Product And Quality Partnership

Equipo Underwear

Equipo and Kohl's

There is an intensely interesting relationship that forms between the general population of underwear brands and the many retailers who sell them. A great deal of thought must be taken on both sides before a relationship can begin. For the brand, one must decide on the number of retailers that they wish start business with, either appearing to be exclusive or opening up to the masses. The clientele of the underwear brand versus the clientele of the retailer is another key factor that both parties must review.

With so many factors constantly changing, many of the brand/retailer relationships change, shift gears, or completely end in time. While this is true in many situations, several underwear brands have worked out the kinks to establish a highly functioning relationship with retailers.

One of the best examples of an underwear brand and a retailer whose relationship is consistently growing would be the partnership between Equipo and Kohl’s. The two companies have had a long, profitable business relationship for many years. Equipo supplies Kohl’s with their entire range of hosiery, underwear and sleepwear.

Equipo and Kohl’s both identified a void in the department of fashionable men’s underwear and have worked together to fill it. Best sellers for the brand include the five pack low-rise and bikini brief, the three pack trunk, the two pack hanging trunk, and the boxer briefs in mesh and plaid.

With Kohl’s also selling powerhouse brands like Hanes, Nike, and Adidas, Equipo has proved that their high quality under garments are on par with the best.

Equipo underwear is sold exclusively at Kohl’s, but select styles can also be found online at www.equipousa.com

Check out a variety of Equipo underwear, hosiery, and active wear below.

SHOP Equipo underwear collections, available at Kohl’s department stores and equipousa.com

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