Embrace The Last Days of Summer With MeUndies Malibu by Miky Fabrega

Malibu by Miky Fabrega


It was only February of last year when The Underwear Expert talked with a relatively new startup, MeUndies, about its vending machine strategy. A year and a few months later, the LA-based brand continues to grow and accomplish its goal of making basic, quality underwear as affordable as possible, while still offering fun and bright prints as well. Today, MeUndies unveiled its latest print, Malibu by Miky Fabrega.

Imaginatively put, Malibu by Miky Fabrega looks as if a blank, blue canvas had a run in with a white paint brush with a mind of its own. In the simplest, most straight forward of terms, Malibu by Miky Fabrega is made up of a sporadic conglomeration of dashes, splatters, and drips of white paint in a sea of blue. The strokes transform what would be a basic underwear into basic underwear with character.

For MeUndies, the end of summer was a huge inspiration for the print. “With the last month of summer now upon us, we wanted to finish the season with a bang,” the people behind MeUndies told The Underwear Expert in an interview. “Although here in Los Angeles summer is an all year long affair, this bright and boldly styled print is the perfect last hurrah for our season of choice.”

The brand also sites retro abstract art as an influence in finding the correct color pallet to capture these final days of summer. “The blue and white color scheme came to us from the feeling of blue skies, the ocean and white sand beaches that we associate with summer,” said the brand.

But MeUndies knows that these summer days are not over. They just need to be embraced and infused with some new zeal and adventure. “Malibu by Miky Fabrega will have everyone trying to catch a glimpse of your undies,” they said. “And, yes, that is a good thing.”

The Malibu print by Miky Fabrega can be found in a brief, trunk, or boxer brief and each style is available in XS-XXL.

For more information about this brand: MeUndies

Malibu by Miky Fabrega

Photo Credit: MeUndies

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