Dirty Dozen: 12 Hot ES Collection Photos

ES Collection photos never cease to delight—the Barcelona-based brand has become known for campaigns with as much style, sophistication and playfulness as their high quality underwear. Released with their seasonal collections of underwear and swimwear, ES Collection campaigns can always be counted on for a certain polish and visual daring.

Being based in Barcelona, the brand’s embrace of bright colors and lush, sunlit outdoor landscapes is no surprise. Nor is their appreciation for tanned, muscled models with bodies more than adequately suited for showing off the brand’s signature style of underwear and swimwear. Shot by some of the industry’s top photographers, including Joan Crisol, the brand’s campaigns tend to really make a splash.

From Adonis models lounging in the sun or playing poolside to Russian model Kirill Dowidoff taming wild animals (in his underwear, natch), our favorite ES Collection photos feature the sort of settings you just want leap right into. Well, maybe not the wild plains unless Kirill was around for protection.

Check out 12 of the hottest ES Collection photos from recent seasons and maybe you’ll recognize some of your favorite pairs! If not, there’s never a wrong time to shop.

For more information about this brand: ES Collection

Photo Credit: ES Collection


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