Sleek New Croota Traveller Boxer Shorts Arrives

Croota Traveler Boxer Shorts

Croota Traveller Boxer Shorts 2

Croota introduces its first line of boxer shorts that showcase a distinctive pattern print on either a silky white or navy blue background. Currently available, the Croota Traveller boxer shorts ($23.95 USD) offer a comfortable and relaxed fit that is perfect to wear all day or all night.

“We have received so many inquiries from our customers who prefer boxer shorts,” Sang Croota, creative designer of Croota, told the Underwear Expert. “We wanted to prove that boxer shorts could be just as fun as trunks or boxer briefs; that’s why we created this exciting design.”

The aptly named Traveller boxer shorts boast a stylish, hip design of colorful images and quirky shapes inspired by outdoor travels. “I drew my inspiration for the design on natural images of birds, huts, flowers and trees,” said Croota. “Since I frequently travel, I have often wanted a pair of boxer shorts that balance form and function like these.”

The Croota Traveller boxer shorts are made from 100% polyester, which offers a soft, lightweight feel. “This fabric is much thinner and softer than most boxer shorts offered on the market,” he added. “We used the finest quality polyester to give you the feeling of being naked when wearing them.”

From the brand that specializes in low-rise cuts and body hugging designs, the new Croota boxer shorts are a welcomed step into roomier territory. Will you be stepping into Croota’s Traveller boxer shorts?

The Croota Traveller boxer shorts are available in S-XL.

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Croota Traveller boxer shorts

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