Celebrities Who Took It All Off For A Movie Role

Leading men of the big screen haven’t traditionally been known to drop trou for a movie role, usually they leave that up to the ladies. However, you too have probably noticed that as of the past few years it has become a largely increasing trend. One that we can definitely get behind.

This isn’t to say that we haven’t seen movie roles in the past where some of our favorite actors have bared it all. Who could forget – in a move that probably shocked audiences in 1980 – when Richard Gere took it all off for his role in “American Gigolo”? We’re happy to say that these days it barely seems out of the ordinary to see our favorite stars strip down for a movie role.

Some of our favorite nude movie magic moments include the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon, Daniel Craig, and lots of other Hollywood heartthrobs who have taken it all off for the sake of their craft. Of course it’s no coincidence that all these leading men have perfectly sculpted bodies, that’s what makes their NSFW appearances something the audience won’t ever want to forget, and thanks to the internet, they never have to.

Who are your favorite actors to get naked for a movie role? Send us a tweet and let us know.

Photo Credit: alanilagan.com, moviedearest.com, swoonworthy.net, usweekly.com, vh1.com, therealbits.com, eonline.com


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