Boxers or Briefs: Colby Meets a Sin City Go-Go Dancer

Colby Melvin hits the streets of LA once again to continue his journey of underwear discovery, talking to a Las Vegas go-go dancer named Brian about the best undies for dancing on the bartop, what he prefers to wear off duty, and more.

When it comes to stopping guys on the streets for underwear intel, stumbling upon a go-go dancer is like hitting the jackpot. Who better to share underwear secrets that someone who spends his nights getting paid to look good and work his moves in next to nothing? Brian has a few useful tips, including his preference for Andrew Christian. The brand’s signature pouch technology helps him keep his package looking good under the spotlight.

By day, Brian prefers Timoteo and other pairs that keep him feeling comfortable and carefree. Maybe because of his profession, he sticks to low-rise hip briefs even when his belt is buckled.

Check out this edition of Boxers or Briefs and let us know if you’ve got tips to share with Colby and your fellow readers!

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