PACT Boxer Brief: Funding Small Business One Pair At A Time

Pact Boxer Brief


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know the US economy hasn’t been doing so hot these past few years. This has taken a large toll on small business owners; the guys and gals who are constantly argued about in those heated, finger pointing, political debates. Well, underwear brand PACT is working to help out small businesses this Fall 2013 season. Every purchase of a PACT boxer brief, trunk, or brief featured in this season’s collection will go towards helping small business owners as proceeds will go into a micro loan to jump start the businesses of low income entrepreneurs.

The newly updated PACT Rosewood Pop boxer brief ($23)and the limited edition PACT Bootstrap Stripe boxer brief ($24) are two hot items from the Fall collection. The select boxer briefs are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane which is highly breathable, allowing a free flow of air. In addition to helping small businesses, PACT remains eco-friendly, as the brand uses no pesticides or fertilizers in the creation of the boxer briefs.

The PACT Rosewood Pop boxer brief is solid burgundy with grey and black detailing while the waistband is black and features the PACT logo. In contrast, the limited edition PACT Bootstrap Stripe boxer brief is made up of blue, orange, burgundy, and white stripes. It has a blue waistline and features the logo as well.

The PACT Rosewood Pop and Bootstrap Stripe boxer briefs are available in S-XL.

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Pact boxer brief


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