Andrew Christian NanoFit Breeze Arrives

Andrew Christian NanoFit Breeze

Andrew Christian NanoFit Breeze
Andrew Christian is offering an update to its line of NanoFit undies with NanoFit Breeze. Andrew Christian NanoFit Breeze underwear come in three colors black, purple, and teal. The line consists of three styles: briefs ($23), boxer briefs($24), and jocks($21).

Like other Nanofit undies, NanoFit Breeze features an anatomically correct pouch. The pouch has extra room in the front and does not contain any hidden cups; it is completely hang free. Stitching in the front of the underwear also provides extra lift and support.

Most items in the Andrew Christian NanoFit Breeze collection are made of a micro modal fabric. The fabric is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. For extra comfort, the straps of the NanoFit Breeze Jock are made of a soft fabric as well. Unlike other NanoFit underwear, the NanoFit Breeze boxer is made up of 100% cotton.

All NanoFit waistbands help to prevent the much hated underwear muffin top. They are made of a custom Andrew Christian Ultra Slimming Elastic. Instead of making the body look disjointed, the waist band creates a slimming effect for anyone wearing the underwear. The multicolored waistband of the NanoFit Breeze collection is a departure from the solid color and silver/metallic waistline of other NanoFit brands.

Though there may not be any “comfy cups” to enhance your full frontal pelvic pal in this Andrew Christian brand, a contrasting leg trim helps to make make your legs look more muscular. A comfortable crotch, breathable fabric, and a natural leg muscle look? What could be better!

The Andrew Christian NanoFit Breeze collection is available in XS-XL.

For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian NanoFit Breeze

Andrew Christian NanoBreeze

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