Alex Minsky is ‘Manning Up’ in Jockey

Alex Minsky

Our favorite sexy vet Alex Minsky can add another title to a list that includes marine, purple heart recipient, underwear model, and spokesperson: fitness activist. Alex was recently featured in a story by Manning Up, USA. In the story, Alex speaks in graphic, gory detail about the day he lost his leg and discussed how health and fitness helped him through remaining sober.

Manning Up USA is an online community founded to help people of any background overcome any kind of adversity they may be facing in life through health and fitness. In a promotional video found on the site, founder and two-time international bronze medalist in Tae Kwon Do, Jeremy B. Manning, said, “It’s never too late for a comeback.” The statement encompasses the overall mission of Manning Up USA to a T and describes Alex’s phoenix like rise from the ashes, not only after losing his leg the night in Afghanistan when his Humvee hit an IED, but after a long battle with substance abuse.


The past is bust a lingering shadow for Alex who continues to move forward and not dwell on the negative. In an interview with The Underwear Expert back in May, Alex discussed the many faces of adversity and not letting past struggles  defeat you. “One thing I tell myself a lot that really helps me is: everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s setback is their own ‘biggest thing’ in their life. You shouldn’t, you can’t compare because we’re all different,” he said. “Everyone’s biggest setback is their own biggest setback, you know? We need to figure out how to get over that for ourselves.

“And, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I didn’t, thank god, I didn’t die on that day on June 1, 2009. I didn’t die. It was a trial, and it’s making me stronger. In the long run, it made me stronger,” he continued.

Proceeds from posters of Alex posing in a Jockey Slim-Fit midway brief and American flag will help benefit The Wounded Warrior Project. Besides giving back to the Wounded Warrior Project, Alex has lent his face to another Manning Up USA campaign against breast cancer. The campaign has Alex Teaming up with fellow vet and Manning Up spokesperson Mylee Tc, who is a breast cancer survivor. Alex, wearing Geovanny boxer briefs, poses in front of a wall with the words “Breast Cancer Can Suck It” graffiti-ed across the brick.

On Facebook, Manning Up USA teased a photo of an upcoming photo shoot featuring Alex. We’re so proud of Alex for his efforts to give back to the community, one brief pic at a time! For more on Alex’s involvement with Manning Up USA, check out his story here.

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