5 Reasons Why The 2xist No Show Sock Is The Grandma Footie You’ve Always Wanted

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2xist has a sock range which makes summer shoe wearing 10x better. The grandma-footie type socks are completely hidden from view, totally lightweight, have a heel grip so they don’t slide around during the day, and come in awesome designs, even dress! 100% approved by us (that is.. it’s the best thing to happent to socks since.. well, socks.)

The 2xist No Show casual and athletic socks are available in a one size fits most.
The 2xist No Show dress sock is available in M (7.5-11) and L (11-13)

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1. It’s the perfect incognito sock.

Sometimes socks just get in the way. They can bunch up, leave weird marks on your ankles and calves and worst of all, they could look bad with your outfit. The No Show sock range has a square-cut instep, with a wrap-around elastic binding and rubber grip for a sturdy fit, while remaining hidden from view.

2. Long socks have way more disadvantages.

These earth-shattering downsides include spending extra time pulling them up past your ankles, keeping you bent over for longer than needs be. No matter how you roll them up, they take up too much space in your dresser drawer. And to top it all off, they prevent you from flaunting your fine-ass ankles, calves, and shins to the entire world

3. There’s a sock for every occasion.

The 2xist No Show sock collection includes an athletic sock in heather gray, black or white, a dress sock in gray, navy, or black, and a casual sock with a green, blue or purple toe cap, as well as a navy, black or red striped pattern.

4. The socks were engineered with a purpose. 

Each sock style is tailored to it’s specific use. The athletic sock is made from 87% cotton, 12% polyester and 1% spandex for a breathable, high-stretch wear. The casual sock fabric is 61% cotton and 39% mixed spandex/polyester for an extremely comfortable feel, whereas the dress sock has a fabric breakdown of 96% cotton and 4% spandex to create a more luxurious final product.

5. The footie is no longer just for grandmas.

For years now, elderly folk have sported footies of a slightly similar fashion to the 2xist No Show sock. Finally in a stylish cut and masculine colors, the No Show sock is for everyone.

For more information about the brand: 2xist

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