Zayn Malik Nibbles Harry Styles’ Candy Undies

Zayn Malik underwear tastes stole the spotlight at a recent One Direction show, see all the action below:


At this point, we may need to step back and explain. Of course, we already knew Harry Styles had a taste for sequin gold underwear of the thong persuasion. But apparently, his well documented taste in thongs now extends to those of the edible variety. The singer climbed into a pair of candy underwear over his jeans on stage, at which point Zayn Malik leaned over and took a bite while the crowd of high-octave fans went wild.

In case you require a play-by-play, it looked a little something like this:

..and this:

If candy necklaces leave a trail of sticky color behind, we can only imagine the end result of candy underwear. Fortunately Zayn has given our imagination a nice head start.

via BuzzFeed


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