Who Wore It Better: Thiago vs Thom Evans

In this Who Wore It Better, model Thiago Bergamasco and Scottish rugby star Thom Evans face off in pieces from their favorite collections of D. Hedral underwear. D. Hedral highlights the bold, masculine look of both these guys, but Who Wore It Better? Let’s take a closer look at both before we make our decision…

Thiago Bergamasco (pictured above) wore a brief by D. Hedral in a photo shoot with the brand’s photographer Julian Gregory. Thiago is a 20 year old psychology student, and he must have studied what exactly makes us all so attracted to underwear, because he makes it look perfect in this shot! Is Thiago’s young and vibrant look enough to say he wore it better? Surely, we can’t call the contest yet… Let’s take a look at Thiago’s competition!

Thom Evans modeled for D. Hedral’s Spring 2013 collection, and when we saw the pics, we were totally convinced that Thom Evans had been modeling underwear since he left the womb… or something like that. Thom Evans did the entire photo shoot in Greece with photographer Daniel Jaems, and we’re surprised the natives didn’t think he was a reincarnation of Zeus… heck, we were almost convinced! But are Thom Evan’s underwear modeling abilities enough to say he wore it better? Get ready to decide…

Make sure to do some careful examining of Thiago Bergamasco, Thom Evans and both guys’ choices in D. Hedral underwear (are you an underwear expert or aren’t you??) then vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

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For more information about this brand: D.Hedral

Photo Credit: Daniel Jaems, Julian Gregory


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