Marriage Equality Profile Pics: Todd Sanfield, Colby Melvin and More

In preparation for the US Supreme Court’s eagerly awaited rulings on marriage equality, isn’t it time you beefed up your marriage equality profile pic with a hot underwear model? We find a bit of eye-candy is always helpful while sticking to your guns. Think of it as a virtual vision board for the future of constitutional rights in America.

Remind your friends and acquaintances what the battle for equality is really all about—every person’s right to find that special someone, get married, and post pictures of their chosen partner looking attractive on social media.

Also, there’s always the vague possibility that a friend from high school will mistake a hot underwear model for a picture of you, and won’t that be nice.

For your downloading pleasure we’ve assembled five of our favorite guys looking good for equality: Daniel Garofali, Todd Sanfield, Pablo Hernandez, Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown.

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Photo Credits: Aydin Arjomand for The Underwear Expert, Andrew Christian, DNA, Blake Martin with The Underwear Expert, Antonio Pulgarin, The Todd Sanfield Collection, and Backstage Fix


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