Underwear Athlete of the Week: Joe Hart

This week’s underwear athlete of the week is English goalkeeper Joe Hart. Joe Hart underwear sightings aren’t too hard to find, especially since this Manchester City player just loves to moon the camera on and off the field.

Although there aren’t any Joe Hart underwear campaigns in the works, unlike some other English soccer players we know and love (cough cough, Beckham), Joe Hart underwear is still a pretty big deal. Actually, Joe Hart quite literally is a big deal in his underwear; this soccer player comes in at about 2 meters tall, and 14 stone (that’s 6’5″, and 200 pounds for American folk). So pretty much, all Joe Hart has to do is stand in front of the the goal, and the entire thing is blocked… Okay, not really, but his size must play in his favor on the field!

We can’t tell you why this soccer player feels the need to show off so much of his underwear on the field, but we really think he should save his energy and use it all for an exclusive underwear campaign… Is anyone with us on this one? Joe’s green boxer briefs, stripes and even his white briefs would make for an interesting photo shoot…

Check out the pics below, and let us know if you’ve seen any of your favorite athletes in their underwear. You may just find them featured as our Underwear Athlete of the Week!

Photo Credit: Sticky.Queerclick


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