Thom Evans D.Hedral Beach Campaign Sizzles

thom evans d hedral beach 002

The steamy debut of Thom Evans D.Hedral beach swimwear campaign continues the brand’s fruitful and provocative collaboration with the rugby star turned model. If you haven’t been following the evolution of this stellar campaign, there’s no better time to start.

Evans made his debut as the new face (and body) of the Italian brand’s sleek, sexy underwear collection earlier this year. More photos of Evans sporting pieces from D.Hedral’s seamless collection were released several months later, as well as an exclusive look behind the scenes of his smoldering, on-location shoots.

These new photos released this month feature different styles of swimwear from the brand’s Beach collection, including swim briefs and close-fit trunks in a variety of solid colors. In and out of water, these looks bring some serious class and sophistication to the beach. Posing along side Brazilian model Paolla Rahmeier, Evans looks the very picture of debonaire charm—no small feat when you’re mostly undressed.

Check out the new photos from Thom Evans D.Bedral beach campaign and let us know if he inspires you to bring the class on your next trip to kick up sand and soak up the sun.

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For more information about this brand: D.Hedral

Photo Credit: Daniel Jaems


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