Good Devil Strung Up Pouch

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Strung Up Pouch

Most Good Devil products are not exactly “dinner-with-your-mom” kind of underwear; however, they are usually a perfect pair of “look-fine-as-hell-in-the-bedroom-several-hours-after-dinner-with-your-mom” undies. The Strung Up Pouch, a definite bedroom fun inhibitor, has been such a hot seller for Good Devil, we’ve decided to shine our Underwear Expert spotlight on it.

The Good Devil Strung Up Pouch has a fabric breakdown of 83% polyester and 17% spandex offering a sleek stretch. The pouch is designed to be worn either with both straps around the shoulders or with one around the waist for a slim waistband, although don’t let that hold you back from trying out any other way! The underwear also features a coordinating adjustable strap for even more versatility.

The Good Devil Strung Up Pouch is available in one size fits all.

For more information on this brand: Good Devil

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