Rock Out With Your Jock On: New Skmpeez Jockz

Skmpeez Jockz Collection Royalz

Tired of always being considered a little too boring in the underwear department? The new Skmpeez Jockz collection solves that dilemma with their stylish range of jocks, perfect for those individuals looking for more adventure in their undergarments.  The Jockz collection is available in two styles, Varzity ($24.00 USD), which is offered in red and black, and Royalz ($24.00 USD), offered in royal blue and black.

While the jockstrap silhouette is more a traditional jock with straps, a pouch, and elastic waistband, the range leaves traditional behind in it’s color scheme and design. The Skmpeez Jockz collection are for men feeling a little less sensual and a little more bad to the bone. The range is made from a fabric blend of 90% cotton and 10% spandex, with a two-inch waistband that reads the Skmpeez brand logo in a stylized font. So if you’re feeling a little sporty, or want to feel a littler sexier, try on a pair of Skmpeez new ‘Jockz’.

The Skmpeez Jockz collection is available in S-L

For More Information about this brand: Skmpeez

Skmpeez Jockz Collection

Photo Credit: Skmpeez

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