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In some way, we’ve all been here before– Tension building up from work, a growing muscle soreness from the gym, and additional back pain from last weeks soccer match. Worst of all, your only fix is an uber expensive massage and some ibuprofen. Now imagine if there was a much simpler fix; an advancement in post-sport recovery that would be as simple as throwing on some clothes. Using the latest in high-performance, athletic technology, Equmen has engineered a series of of compression underwear that are specifically designed to improve your daily performance and energy flow.

Equmen Post Sport Recovery

The Equmen ranges which aid in post-sport recovery include the Precision underwear collection ($49.00-$59.00), Precision sock collection ($29.99) and Core Precision undershirt collection ($89.00-$99.00). The combination of wearing the socks, underwear, and undershirt maximizes circulation, which oxygenates the blood and helps aid in muscle recovery. Benefits from wearing this range include back pain relief, an improvement in posture, and core stabilization.

The Equmen ranges have even been endorsed by multiple sport and television personalities. Cincinati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo mentioned, “as a professional athlete, I deal with injuries every day, especially back pain. I was apprehensive to try Equmen, but loved it as soon as I put it on. The compression t-shirt really makes my back feel better and love that I can wear it under my uniform, workout gear and every day clothes.” With a color palette focusing on the basics, including black, white, and several blues and grays, the Equmen ranges’ versatility makes it an even more likable product. Check out exactly how the Equmen products aid in recovery below!

Post Sport Recovery Equmen Design

The Core Precision undershirt collection and Precision underwear collection are available in S-XXL

The Precision sock collection is available as one size fits all.

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