Reader Design Inspired by Colby Melvin’s “Boxers or Briefs?”


We have the best readers here at The Underwear Expert—and no one knows better than you! We are always so thrilled when our love of underwear inspires readers to embrace their own creative talents.

In one recent amazing example, reader Ben Hsu submitted this stellar, playful t-shirt design inspired by our friend Colby Melvin’s Boxers or Briefs segments for The Underwear Expert. The shirt, titled “The Choice of the Day,” presents what we consider one of life’s most important choices—what kind of underwear to step into each morning (or whatever time of day you slip into a new pair). With silhouettes of boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, a jockstrap and what looks to be a fig leaf, Ben’s shirt is both cheeky and chic—a decidedly rare and coveted design combo.

Check out Ben’s t-shirt in a variety of colors and other items featuring his “Choice of the Day” design here.

Have you also been inspired by The Underwear Expert? Let us know, we want to hear from you!


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