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Puma SportLifestyle

Men’s underwear design is, by all means, a diverse process; inspiration comes from every which way possible. Some brands are dedicated to perfecting a certain style or cut. Some gear their brand to a certain type of man. Some also find solace in unique designs, stylized prints and a rainbow of flashy colors. There are even some brands who tailor solely to the fetish underwear niche. But in the end, the type of underwear that most men will wake up, and wear on a daily basis, needs to be highly functioning. The Puma SportLifestyle brief was developed with this in mind.

Made from fabric blend of 90%polyester and 10% spandex, the Puma SportLifestyle boxer brief is perfect for both the man sitting at his desk all day typing away, as well as the man on the constant move. Offered in solid colors like blue, green, black and white with a black, 1 1/2″ waistband and stitching, the range caters to more than just the athletic man, it caters to the man of classic style.

The Puma SportLifestyle boxer brief is available in S-XL

SHOP Puma SportLifestyle boxer brief, $20.00, available at Amazon.com

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Photo Credit: Aydin Arjomand

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