Olympic Speed Skater Strips to His Briefs

When we came across these shots of Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup, we couldn’t help but wonder if his apparent love of going au natural has anything to do with how binding his competition gear must be. After all that spandex and whipping wind, it must be nice to just chill out naked.

Though he doesn’t seem to have much use for underwear, we’ll try not to hold it against him. We figure the out-and-proud New Zealand athlete has earned the right to wear (or not to wear) whatever he likes. When he does decide wrap up down below, he gives Teamm8 white briefs a try in these shots by James Demitri. How long they actually stay on is another story.

Check out these photos for Blake’s cover spread in GT Magazine, along with a couple selfies thrown in for good measure.

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Photo Credits: Blake Skjellerup, James Demitri


0 thoughts on “Olympic Speed Skater Strips to His Briefs

  1. Thommas says:

    Mr Skjerrelupp (was I even CLOSE ?) is a honey, a beauty, a darling darling boy. Why don’t more athletes obligingly parade the bodies they’ve worked so long and hard to perfect? Why not put all that time and money on display for those likely to appreciate it — à la the immortal “Stadium Gods”? Please let the Puritanism, squeamishness and timidity END and artful natural nudity prevail.

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