[PHOTOS] Malebasics Geometric Campaign

Malebasic Geometric Feature Image

There is no quadratic formula needed to figure out that the new Malebasics Geometric campaign is one hot collection. Don’t believe us? Well check out these ultra sexy models posing in even more ultra sexy underwear below. If the auto-body shop wasn’t already the place to be pants-less, it is now thanks this photo shoot for the release of the new Malebasics Geometric Campaign. The collection consist of briefs, boxer briefs and jocks with three striking yet elegant patterns in Malebasics’ signature colors of red, white and black. The Malebasics Geometric Campaign is also the first range by the brand to include a jockstrap within a collection. With a high percentage of cotton, the Geometric collection stays consistent with their high-level of comfort, while ‘funkifying’ their prints with inspirations ranging from Op art to African and Amazonian tribes to timely Scottish Shepherd apparel.

Feel free to also take a glance at the exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos and video for the Malebasics Geometric campaign photo shoot, as well as our new arrival post on the collection, where you can learn about the inspirations behind the intricate patterns.

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For more information about the brand: Malebasics

Photo Credit: Malebasics

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