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Nutbra Libertarian Boxer Brief Feature

Nutbra Libertarian Boxer Brief 2

Just admit it, after hearing names like Cocksox, BumChums, 4skins and the many other brands with a titular magnificence, you thought to yourself that it was over; you pondered the myriad of compound words that could cleverly work together while referencing in some way, the male genitalia, and you came up with nothing.

Well it turns out that there was still one missing, that is, until the imaginative mind of Mike Shipley developed his brand “Nutbra.” Created for the everyday man, the Nutbra Libertarian boxer brief ($23.00) is available with twelve customized, well thought out, and hilarious prints.

Nutbra Libertarian Boxer Brief 3

The Nutbra Libertarian boxer brief has a fabric breakdown of 90% baby rib cotton and 10% polyester, ensuring both an extremely confortable and well-fitting garment. The heather gray boxer brief also features a white, elastic waistband and stitching down both sides of the fly-less pouch.

The real beauty of these boxer briefs comes from the ingeniously fun prints. Phrases like ‘I heart economics,’ ‘I’m a grower,’ or ‘I only carry hundreds’ with correlating images make for a fun pair of underwear, especially when you think about who’s actually going to be close enough to read them. Check out several more of Nutbra’s prints below.

The Nutbra Libertarian boxer brief is available in S-XL

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