Garçon Model and Justin Bieber: A Match Made In Canada!

Canadian up-and-comer Garçon Model has a brand new mission far beyond making ultra sexy and impeccably designed underwear; the brand is on the hunt for Justin Bieber. “Justin is definitely the undisputed Canadian star of the moment, and we feel like his underwear should reflect the quality and style that his works grant,” says Garçon Model CEO, Patrick Lafontaine. We’ve worked out the logistics here at The Underwear Expert and this pairing makes as much sense as cheese and wine or, well, Garçon Model and social media.

Justin Bieber’s exposed underwear sightings have been on the rise over the past year and Garçon Model is looking to feature their Canadian underwear on the Canadian pop star. This is why the brand has come forward to offer Justin Bieber a lifetime supply of Garçon Model underwear.

Our records show that Justin generally sports a classic boxer brief in a solid color, and his preference also leans towards comfort. This works in perfect accord with Garçon Model’s more classic trunk collection. “Who knows, maybe we could even dedicate a collection to him,” says Lafontaine.

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Photo Credit: US Weekly, After Ellen


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