Joe Manganiello Au Natural and More TV Star Underwear Sightings

It was a week of things that go bump in the night, including True Blood star Joe Manganiello shirtless (and pantless) doing more than bumping into a couple of she-wolves, and Catfish  host and producer Nev Schulman flashing his undies during a surprise wake up call.

Television’s favorite werewolf (sorry Teen Wolf), is nothing if not versatile, not only showing up naked in the middle of the woods on HBO, but also in a dapper pair of black swim trunks on the pages of Men’s Health. Since he rocked a chic swimwear look in the magazines, and werewolves have no use for under garments, we’ll have to overlook his scandalous lack of undies in the True Blood premiere.

At the end of every wild night is a trying morning, as evidenced by Nev Schulman’s wake up call from the U.S. Coast Guard working outside his window. Although it seems he was alert enough to take the video—do we smell some Catfish style social media deception going on here? We’re OK with it, since his Vine gives us a glimpse of his black boxer briefs.

Check out Nev’s video and the rest of this week’s TV Star Underwear sightings below and let us know your faves!

Photo Credits: MaleCelebNews,, BoxersorBriefs.


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