Hanro Sporty Tank Top For The Athletic Man

Hanro Sporty Tank Top Feature

Hanro Sporty Tank Top

In a general sense, tank tops are a fairly standard type of under wear; so the smallest details can make or break a tank. For years, underwear virtuoso Hanro has developed a brand based on quality products that excel in their specific attention to detail. The Hanro Sporty tank top ($70.00) is a great example of how a standard product can soar above and beyond the rest.

The Hanro Sporty tank top is made from a 100% mercerized cotton, which means the tank is basically on par with wearing a cloud. This might also be why the tank is offered solely in white. The cut is a bit higher than the average neck line, which is ideal for men with a broader chest or for men looking for a less body conscious fit.

With the desired function of being “barely there,” the Hanro Sporty tank-top fits perfectly under any garment. For the classic-minded man, the Hanro tank will make a dapper individual out of anyone.

The Hanro Sporty tank top is available in S-XXL.

SHOP Hanro Authentic tank top, $70.00, available at Shop.hanrousa.com

For more information about this brand: Hanro

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