A Great Gatsby Photo Shoot: Jazz, Boot-Leggers, and Underwear?

Great Gatsby Photo shoot

To this day, the 1920’s remain one of the most critically influential decades in the history of contemporary Western fashion. Oxford bags introduced an era of baggy suits. Casual wear was further introduced with various sport apparel. Shoes like oxfords, bucks, loafers and saddle shoes and some sort of hat were essential. Flannel and tweed suit made fairly distinct appearances in this era. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that 1920’s fashion is still being recycled into the world of fashion today.

When someone mentions the 1920’s, the first connections you usually have involves jazz, prohibition, flappers and The Great Gatsby, which really incorporates the first three as well. In homage of both the dapper men of the 1920’s and the current Great Gatsby craze, we developed a Great Gatsby photo shoot.

From Andrew Christian and C-IN2 to Jor and Pact, the shoot included high-quality, classic underwear that Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby would both be proud to hop in. Check out the photos below, preferably with a scotch in hand and a flapper by your side.

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Photos Credit: Aydin Arjomand

Models: Nikola B, Dennis W and Jacob N of Ford Models


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