Can Social Media Rhyme With Success: Garcon Model Believes It Can

Garcon Models Social Media Brand

With over two-hundred thousand units sold in the first six months since opening their doors, Garçon Model, a brand spankin’ new, high-end underwear brand from Canada, has been making a big splash online and because of that, in fashion as well. Boasting an impressive roster of followers on Twitter and Facebook, this new Canadian company is a solid sign of a healthy start-up. Is social media to thank, or great product, or both?

“Social media has been a fantastic tool for us” says Mehdi Mebarki, the CEO and founder of Garçon Model. “We have been bonding since day one with our core audience.” Their social media influence has helped catapult the brand into some fantastic opportunities including New York City’s Fashion Week and collaborations with fashion designers; their designs have been photographed by many, including Mike Ruiz for his Pretty Masculine app, and their styles have been seen in numerous websites as result.

Garçon Model has a masculine yet sexy asthetic that has begun to strike a chord in the consumer’s eyes. It also doesn’t hurt that their actual product is made and refined with precision, which big industry players have taken note of., Banglads, Men’s Health and we here at The Underwear Expert have all recognized Garçon Model’s potential.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of the new brand too. When asked about the future, Mebarki responded, “We are currently in talks with department stores and retail chains in the US, Canada and France.” That doesn’t mean they’re throwing their attention anywhere but their social media strategy, however.

“Our main focus is not to lose contact with our audience and develop our brand in their eyes as our ultimate success comes from them.” Mebarki adds. “They say that social media doesn’t rhyme with economic success, but that was definitely not our experience.” Mebarki points to social media as key to his successful first months:“Our products are really selling themselves.”

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