Facebook’s Hottest: Pablo Hernandez in Bikini

While you’re on Facebook chatting with friends and getting poked by creepy strangers, we hope you’re enjoying all of our underwear posts; a lot of our fans certainly are! While some posts get more love than others, Facebook’s Hottest for this week came from a photo shoot with underwear model Pablo Hernandez.

The photo shoot, shot by photographer David Arnot, shows Pablo in bed wearing nothing but a white bikini brief. Some of our Facebook fans just shout-typed “OMG,” while others broke down in tears at the perfection they were witnessing. Check it out, and we’ll just let you guess why it got so many likes on Facebook… WINK WINK.

Check out all Facebook love here, or see the full photos right here at The Underwear Expert. If you aren’t already a Facebook fan, like The Underwear Expert to stay ahead of the curve and see Facebook’s Hottest all on your own!

Photo Credit: David Arnot, Philippe Sensitif


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