Dogs in Underwear Meme: Completely Irresistible

It’s pretty hard to argue with dogs in underwear, not that anyone would argue with dogs (we prefer whispering)—but it woud be especially difficult to disagree with a dog wearing underwear. Puppy eyes, anyone?

There’s something about man’s best friend wearing man’s underwear that sends our brain receptors into a frenzy. We love dogs, we love underwear, we especially love dogs and underwear models in photos together, so dogs actually wearing underwear is really almost too much to ask for.

Apparently, there are certain corners of the world where this meme already reigns supreme. We’re making it our mission to spread it as far and wide as we can. Dogs can pull off so many different cuts and styles of underwear, if we weren’t completely devoted to them we might even be jealous that they look more fetching in some of our favorite pairs than we do ourselves. Next we’ll be competing with them over who looks better in a tux. (They do, obviously).

Check out 10 of our favorite shots of dogs rocking out in underwear, and let us know if you’ve got a pup who’s uploaded to Guys With iPhones recently?


Photo Credit: Fancynancys, Dogs Wearing Underpants (fb), gundogforum, neatorama, rainypixels, celebritydachshund, ign


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